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Every house renovation project we carry out is never the same, we understand that every client and every home is different -- our agile internal system and unique management of operations allows us to be adaptive to every circumstance without compromising efficiency and quality.

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It is in which it all started out and is what defines ours systems and techniques today – to be client targeted and to treat each client as a tale of it’s very own and no longer just every other transaction. Our passion for developing new and thrilling spaces for our clients homes, coupled with our pursuit effective challenge management, stringent satisfactory guarantee and customer centered approach, formed dynamic foundations for an exciting renovation corporation we've today.


Our strict recruitment, on-boarding and trial/testing process allows us to only work with the best and this includes only hiring qualified professionals for specialist tasks -- and this includes choosing to only work with industry leaders in NZ, so you can expect only world-class quality for your renovation.

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Kitchen Renovations for an everyday purpose, having a well-designed kitchen brings you convenience, comfort and the joy while cooking for your loved ones.
For people who is looking to sell their house, a well renovated kitchen plays a significant role. This is because one of the most important areas of any property is the kitchen. Not only is this a functional space for food preparation, but it’s also a hub for entertainment and socialising. The kitchen can ultimately make or break your sale because it’s one of the areas of a home that is most focused on by the media. Modern kitchens in showcase homes have become artistic studios, using cutting edge equipment and luxury features to create the potential of culinary art.

Kitchen is easily the most often remodelled room in Auckland as it is also the room that is subjected to the most amount of wear and tear. Increased functionality and adding value to your property is also a good reason to renovate your kitchen for your Auckland home. Whatever your reason, kitchen renovations can often cause a lot of stress for Auckland home owners if not planned and executed right.

As a company we focus on larger renovations as opposed to small renovations. If you are looking at changing your cabinetry or installing appliances then we are probably not the right company for you as we love a challenge and do not want to work for work’s sake. We specialise in remodelling or renovating the entire kitchen or building a new one from scratch.

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We realise that every kitchen renovation process/project is different and every client has a different set of needs.
That’s why we’ve put together reasons why you should choose Smart Giant Cleaners for your kitchen renovation.

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Unless our cleaners reach out and inform you of possible delays, we guarantee that they will be right on your doorstep prior to the scheduled time.

With this, they can maximize their cleaning time and be able to have a conversation with you prior to the execution of their job.

Cleaning depends upon your individual needs. We offer basic home clean, regular house cleaning as well as intensive deep cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning.

Our home clean-up covers all domestic work from cleaning bedrooms to bathrooms and living spaces to kitchens. The difference in a home clean-up from regular house cleaning is the period and frequency of the cleaner’s visits. For regular house cleaning, you have the option to choose between daily, weekly, or monthly.

You can call us at 020 4167 9651 or drop us an email at Otherwise, you can also feel free to connect with us through our social media and official website live chat. Rest assured that you will receive an immediate response as our support works 24/7 to cater to all your needs.

If you are not satisfied with our service, we wish to hear your concern. tell us in the automated review system and we will send a new cleaner within 48 hours. Part of our promise for a 100% guaranteed satisfaction is freeing you of additional charges.

We take pride in building successful relationships with our customers. We are helping people to save their time and helping them have a better life. We have set up an automatic review process after every cleaning. With that, you can review your cleaner as well as their service. You will receive multiple communication reminders throughout your booking for the service process.

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