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There is no doubt that viruses like COVID-19 can lead to fatal results if not contained on time. Most of these viruses are waterborne, so it becomes even imperative to keep your facility clean at all times. The disinfectant cleaning services offered by Premium Clean are a sure-shot way to make your home protected from these viruses.

Our services include deep cleaning and sanitizing using the best quality disinfectants approved by healthcare experts. We promise to exterminate all germs and viruses for your home with the assurance of a safe environment for you and your pets.

Disinfectant cleaning is the need of the hour, and it is the only practical way to make your home free from viruses. Experts at Smart Giant Cleaners pay attention to every corner from the windows to door handles, and other areas of your house so that there’s no chance for the virus to thrive.


Why is Disinfecting Important

Since the outbreak, the novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 has taken the whole world by storm. The highly contagious virus is spreading like bushfires, and has left no countries untouched by affecting thousands of lives across the globe.

COVID-19 can spread through anything and as per the experts “Coronavirus can live up to 5-17 days based on the type of surface and material”! So it becomes even imperative to disinfect your home or office properly to contain the further spread of this fatal virus.

Most of Our Clients Often Ask Us How to Clean and Disinfect Their Homes to Prevent this Invader from Entering their facility, and the only answer to this question is Appropriate Cleaning Done by the Experts!

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At Smart Giant Cleaners, we are equipped with all the necessary cleaning tools and disinfectants to battle fatal viruses, including Coronavirus. We clean your home and office to make sure that the premises are free from all types of viruses, and are entirely safe for human beings and pets.

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Unless our cleaners reach out and inform you of possible delays, we guarantee that they will be right on your doorstep prior to the scheduled time.

With this, they can maximize their cleaning time and be able to have a conversation with you prior to the execution of their job.

Cleaning depends upon your individual needs. We offer basic home clean, regular house cleaning as well as intensive deep cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning.

Our home clean-up covers all domestic work from cleaning bedrooms to bathrooms and living spaces to kitchens. The difference in a home clean-up from regular house cleaning is the period and frequency of the cleaner’s visits. For regular house cleaning, you have the option to choose between daily, weekly, or monthly.

You can call us at 020 4167 9651 or drop us an email at info@smartgiantcleaners.co.nz. Otherwise, you can also feel free to connect with us through our social media and official website live chat. Rest assured that you will receive an immediate response as our support works 24/7 to cater to all your needs.

If you are not satisfied with our service, we wish to hear your concern. tell us in the automated review system and we will send a new cleaner within 48 hours. Part of our promise for a 100% guaranteed satisfaction is freeing you of additional charges.

We take pride in building successful relationships with our customers. We are helping people to save their time and helping them have a better life. We have set up an automatic review process after every cleaning. With that, you can review your cleaner as well as their service. You will receive multiple communication reminders throughout your booking for the service process.

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